7 best stylers for curling hair

Cloud Nine Touch Iron Touch Styler

The bestselling brand specializing in gentle styling came out in a gift box. The styler works on sensor technology, that is, it turns on instantly upon contact with hair. The lowest temperature - 165 degrees - is suitable for straightening fine hair. The set includes a silicone thermal pad and a cover with a rug along with the iron. Find more here: Best Curling Iron For Beach Waves

Curl Control Curl by Harizma

A reliable and easy-to-use classic curling iron. The display shows the desired temperature from 130 to 210 degrees, the three-meter cord rotates, so the hand does not need to be twisted, but is covered with a tourmaline styler.

Styler PHS 2390K from Polaris

Two-in-one straightening and curling device with ceramic plates. The styler presses the hair tightly and winds easily without clinging. The plates are quite narrow, so both curls and light curls can be made.

Styler Wave And Nourish by Lee Stafford

The irregularly shaped tongs are suitable for creating the effect of beach curls - different in diameter and well structured. The styler allows you to work even with very long hair by styling it into special grooves. Ideally, keep your hair on the curling iron for about eight to ten minutes.

StyleCare Prestige Pliers BHB876 from Philips

Styler for the lazy with automatic curling: you just need to lay the strands one by one inside the device. There is no risk of getting an unevenly rolled strand. The only thing: this styling option will not work for short and medium hair. The gadget can be individually adjusted for the type of hair, the intensity and direction of wrapping.

Curling iron 38 mm C338E Pro 180 from BaByliss

The largest diameter curling iron in the range. It is convenient to wind long hair on it, creating large curls. The temperature you need for your hair type can be adjusted according to the detailed instructions. What is convenient - the coating of the curling iron is very smooth, so the strands glide well.

Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare

Styler with automatic temperature adjustment function for hair type. Special sensors in the plates read the condition and moisture level of the hair. Moreover, the temperature changes during the styling process, so the risk of ruining your hair by drying it out is minimized.